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Somatic, Experiential, Holistic Therapy 

Yuko Lawrence, MA, LPC

My journey to becoming a therapist started with my own healing journey, as many do. I lived and worked for many years at a Meditation retreat center in the mountains of Colorado. As I sat quietly in meditation, years of stored emotional pain surfaced and I discovered that this pain was held in my body as well as my mind. I began to discover how to release this trauma and this started my own somatic therapy journey.

My Approach 

Somatic, Experiential, Holistic Therapy

I take people deep, and often quickly. I help my clients drop "below" their thoughts and into their emotions, bodies, intuition and sub-conscious. This can be intense. And it is vulnerable. But if you are ready, it is also tremendously potent. 

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I offer personalized individual therapy that responds to the unique needs of each client. I specialize in anxiety, depression, trauma, and grief. 


EMDR is a trauma therapy modality that works with the mind and body to release stored emotions and shift internalized negative beliefs


Ketamine Assisted Therapy combines psychotherapy with ketamine. Ketamine therapy sessions are 2.5 to 3 hours long allowing for a deep dive and ample space for exploration.


"So grateful for Yuko. I’ve had so many powerful breakthroughs and emotional releases that have allowed me to grow and step into my more authentic self. Yuko had guided me through so many powerful experiences of connecting with my inner child and healing from a place of deep compassion. She never tells me what to do, she simply asks questions and holds such beautiful space for me to connect with myself and honor my experiences. I have noticed significant positive impacts on my life and relationships since beginning sessions with Yuko."


~24 year old female client

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